Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Surreal World #writerslife

Back on the grid, back in commission
Though my last mission nearly beat me into submission
So much ridicule, it’s quite ridiculous
I can reach my pinnacle if I am meticulous

Prejudices are perpetrated against the mentally ill
With all this fake shit in the world, it’s so hard to keep it real
Yet I strive and crusade for the revolution still
My allies are maniacs, and my secret weapon is will

I know not the purpose of this daunting endeavor
I don’t know if I seek to innovate, motivate, cause shock and awe or whatever
I’m not sure if this is stupid or if it’s really, really clever
I’ll keep things light, light like a feather

Mom says I’m a rebel and self-saboteur
When it comes to this writing craft, I’m no amateur
The truth is I’m ruthless

My true friends already knew this

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