Saturday, January 16, 2016

Must Be Nice 2-- The Official Forward plus another exclusive sneak...


            Roughly a dozen or so years ago, I was diagnosed with bipolar mania.  I like to say mania and not disorder because my brain isn’t out of order.  It’s been quite a rollercoaster ride.  The heights of the highest highs and the depths of the lowest lows are hard to relate to.  These poems are meant to provide insight into the mind of a bipolar maniac.  They are in no way meant to make light of the plight of the mentally ill.  Rather they are meant to shed light on mental illness awareness and the stigma that goes along with living with a mental illness in America.  Do not suffer in silence and if you know someone with a mental illness, reach out and be there for them.  Add me on facebook: Patrick Peay.  Follow me on twitter: @patrickpeay.


XXIV. Off With His Head

Take me to the guillotine
Off with my head
No more madness
No more tears shed
Forget about the struggles
We all have bled
No one needs to starve
We always break bread
Wandering a dark path
What a life I have led
I never did exist
I’m way past dead
Why do I go downhill
In this black bobsled
I’m at the bottom of the slopes
To the black moped
Riding in the snow
But all I see is red
This is my voice
You heard what I said
Don’t praise what I did
But remember what I said
When I saunter up the steps
Chant “Off with his head!”

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