Saturday, January 23, 2016

It Feels Good To Be Patrick...

I don't think my peers understand where I'm coming from
The coldness within me makes me feel so numb
Restless nights are filled with racing thoughts
Battles are fought daily to avoid being distraught

On thing is for sure, I'm not typical
The rumors of my trials and tribulations are a but mythical
W hen i look in the face of death, I'm not scared
I've been critically conditioned by burdens I've beared
dUnjust convictions must be appealed
I might be my own worse critic
I don't want this world to make me a cynic

I don't own slaves, but I feel like the Master
Kids these days are growing up faster
90's Babies still have no sense
They may be the death of us all in the end

My burning desire is hotter than plasma
These words should take your breath away like asthma
I'm the antithesis of status quo
When you swim against the tide, why go with the flow

I am unique, I am not practical
I often enjoy a reclusive sabbatical
So sit back and watch me work my magic
Right now it feels so good to be Patrick

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