Friday, January 29, 2016

Fetishes Fantasies Fatalities (Romance Novel Synopsis)

I just started working on a new erotic romance novel from the perspective of a man.  This should be challenging and interesting to the say the very least.  Enjoy this synopsis and comment with feedback please...


 Benjamin Hudson, a recently laid off massage therapist falls on hard times financially and finds himself facing a perplexing proposal from and older woman named Cynthia Stone, a potential benefactor who promises to pay off his debts and help him open his own business, as long as Ben upholds his end of the bargain.  Cynthia doesn't mind investing in Ben financially by being his sugar momma as long as he can satisfy her every waking need sexually.  It is initially awkward, but the arrangement becomes erotically enticing and beneficial for both parties.  Eventually, feelings get involved, which complicates the whole deal, not to mention the fact that Cynthia is a recovering sex addict and retired dominatrix.  When Ben begins to suspect her ulterior motives, bizarre events trigger a relapse, so Cynthia struggles as she regresses to her old ways.  This, in turn, tortures Ben throughout the whole exotic ordeal.   Benjamin is so conflicted.  While the experiences escalate exponentially, and he endures the madness and punishment, Ben enjoys the eroticism.  His torture is arduous mentally, yet erotically extreme physically.  Ben knew having a demanding and dominating sugar momma as a madame or mistress wouldn't be simple.  He is
astounded and frightened, however, after he discovers Cynthia is not only a wild sex fiend who's into all sorts of kinks, but also a serial killer in hiding and secretly on the run from an overzealous FBI agent by the name of Rhonda Banks.  Benjamin is unimaginably confounded and astounded as he encounters conflicts with Cynthia and Rhonda.  Benjamin is a very confused man.  He doesn't know whether to be aroused, afraid, or both...

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