Thursday, January 14, 2016

A little bit about me, my background, and how I roll... (from one of my publishers' author bio section)

     Patrick was born on a Wednesday afternoon on August 22, 1984, to K.A. Peay and Tracey Lee Bethel.  He was raised in the ghettos of Columbia, South Carolina by his loving grandmother Roberta L. Peay.  Patrick always considered himself a grandmama's boy, but was grateful for his grandmother's many sacrifices and insistence that he focus on academics.  Patrick discovered his pension with a pen as a creative writer at the age of 11 in 1995 when he and a classmate collaborated on a series of short stories entitled The Junior Detectives.  They wrote and illustrated several short stories in this series up until 1998 when Patrick's grandmother passed away suddenly.
     Following the tragic death of his beloved grandmother, Patrick moved to Jacksonville, FL.  After overcoming a crippling depression, he continued to hone his writing craft by working on a sci-fi novella.  He also wrote for his high school newspaper for four years. Patrick graduated valedictorian from Robert E. Lee Senior High School on the west side of Jacksonville in 2002.  The following fall he enrolled at Jacksonville University as a communications major.  That's when trouble found this ever-rebellious young man.  Legal issues led to Patrick's suspension and subsequent expulsion from JU following his sophomore year while he was in the midst of compiling his first manuscript.
     After a tumultuous bunch of years when Patrick struggled to survive and cope with addictions and a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, he finally completed his first manuscript.  The Red Reaper: Volume 1 was published in the summer of 2006.  Patrick's next published title was in 2011 when Must Be Nice: The Patrick Peay Story, an autobiographical journal, was released.
     These days, Patrick is focused on producing his Worth The Fight web series on as well as putting the finishing touches on Must Be Nice 2: Defining Moments of a Maniac, a compilation of autobiographical poems,  for his publisher America Star Books.  He also is working on a highly anticipated illustrated comic-style Red Reaper web series for Channillo that will be released in 2016 after Worth The Fight.  Patrick is looking forward to upcoming and ongoing DJ-ing gigs for a small business he recently launched in Jacksonville, and he hopes to do a sports-talk themed podcast in conjunction with  Patrick is even considering releasing a mix tape in the summer of 2016 under his stage name, Queasy. When Patrick isn't writing, he's focused on addiction recovery, and he enjoys music, the beach, napping, traveling, tweeting, booze, blunts, watching football, and spending time with his supportive girlfriend Brandi.  His life has been wayward, but Patrick appreciates how writing has impacted his life in a positively uplifting way.

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