Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I have no recollection what this story was supposed to be about, but this is as far as I got with a screenplay script I was working on many years 2008-ish


Ext. White Sandy Beach @ Coast

We see in PANORAMIC VIEW, small wild birds scurrying for midday meals in shallow water on a bright and sunny day, cloudless day.  This sky is so blue.

CUT TO CLOSE UP of birds feeding (low shot)

Enter 2 tan, smooth, and femininely alluring feet with perfect toes and ankles in shot.  A tribal tattoo is around her left ankle.

ANGLE UP Slowly to reveal her whole body.  Decked in tribal garbs with tan, toned muscle structure, her beauty is uncanny.  Her long, ebony, and curly hair is blown by the balmy breeze as she gazes silently at the sea.  A dolphin performs an aerial stunt before a loud booming voice draws her attention off screen.

(Voice Over)
Ariel!  Ariel!  Ariel!  My dear, I know you can hear me.
(Ariel finally turns to look in his direction.)
Gleemoura expects you in the village soon.  Do not keep her waiting.

Enter KING FITZ, the epiphany of a powerful and confident ruler.  He’s the King of the island villagers.

I know father.
(She sighs)

What troubles you, my dear?  I can hear the anguish in your voice.

It’s nothing, Father.  I just….Never you mind.  It’s not important.  I must get to the village right away to see Gleemoura.  I don’t want to leave her waiting.


Int. Gleemoura’s Office Hut

At first glance, the hut appears cluttered and unorganized.  Bones and plants hang from the ceiling.  Piles of rags and leather hides litter the floor.  GLEEMOURA is lying in a makeshift hammock in the corner smoking a long wooden pipe.  She is silent and content, but the wailing cries of a young girl at the threshold of her hut stirs GLEEMOURA.

ENTER ARIEL carrying a female toddler no more than three or four years old in her arms.  The kid is weeping uncontrollably.

Shhh, boo boo…shh
(She pats kid on back to try and sooth her, but to no avail)

(Approaches and speaks)
What is wrong with the little one?
(She strokes the girl’s hair and the full weep recedes to mild whimper)

I am not certain, Gleemoura.  I stumbled upon her on my way here from the coast.  Literally, I fell to the ground.  I was in a full sprint through the brush, and I tripped over her.  I pray I am not the cause of her affliction.

Let me see her.
(She takes toddler and sets her on a small stool)
No, this is not your fault, dearest Ariel.  Look here at the bottom of her heel.  These two pricks here, snake bits.
(long pause.  Gleemoura takes a deep breath that makes her nostrils flare and eyes widen, then she whispers)
Snake bite, a cobra.

Is it a lethal bite?

(Snaps back to reality and springs into action)
Of course not, I can handle this right away
(She pulls a leaf from one of her plants and rubs it on the tots wound.  Then she dumps the contest of her pipe in a bowl of water before putting it in a guaze to wrap around the little girl’s heel.)
That ought to do it.  Are you better now, little one?
(The girl nods.)

I don’t want to get sidetracked, Gleemoura, but I’d like to walk the little one home and assure her parents are at ease.

Fair enough, Princess.  I’ve seen this girl before around the village.  Her name is Tink, daughter of Sheena and Phellepe the fisherman.
(looking down at girl)
Is what she says true?
(girl nods)
Very well, off we go.  I’ll be back soon, Gleemoura.

There’s no need to rush.  My business with you today is not urgent, no matter what your father says.  His Highness has always had melodramatic tendencies since his early adolescent years.
(She chuckles.)

ARIEL leaves GLEEMOURA alone in her hut.  After taking a deep breath, she sprawls her arms out to her sides with her palms facing upwards.  

Oh, omnipotentness, Mighty Delphonte, your prophecies are finally coming to fruition.  The time is upon us.  May Runyan and Vexton help us and protect us.  Fleestour, give and power, and may Delphonte’s blessings pour over us.  Sheevam.


Int. Royal Quarters

A large and extravagant by comparison, yet modest and quaint clay/mud and stone structure serves as the royal palace for the King and Queen of the Chromitians.  It is divided into 6 sections or rooms, and it also houses their daughter, one servant, and one elderly spider monkey named Lava along with a jaguar named Jackie, the royal pets.  King Fitz and Queen Ellesta sit alone in the dining area eating a small salad composed of berries, vegetables, and nuts.  They join hands for a quick, silent prayer before digging into their meal with hand made wooden utensils.

Fitz, darling what’s with that stern look on your face?  You’re on the verge of running my appetite.
(Fitz doesn’t respond, but continues to devour his meal.)
Hmm, there’s nothing that can quill your appetite as usual.

As King, I must eat right so I can sleep right, and wake up in the morning daily to preside and rule this land accordingly.

(in a mocking tone)
“rule this land accordingly.”  There’s more to this monarchy than ruling.  I’ve expressed my concerns regarding our daughter, Ariel, and the Arzink prophecies.
And I’ve done what I can to dispel those concerns.  I sent Ariel to speak with Gleemoura.

You can’t delegate every delicate family affair to Gleemoura and depend on her to deal with them.  She’s a medicine woman, not a therapist.

Therapist, village healer, they’re one in the same as far as I’m concerned.

Are you concerned at all about Ariel at least?

My daughter, my precious princess Ariel.  She is my heart and soul, so “concern” is a gross understatement.  She is the rightful heir, and maybe someday she will find a man worth and capable of presiding and ruling over this land accordingly.


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