Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This will be the last sneak peek at a poem from Must Be Nice 2 before my highly anticipated book of autobiographical and contraversial poetry is released this spring...

I.  Repentant Shark in the Deep Blue Sea

When life gets dull, I do something exciting
I’m Randy moss, I’m not retiring
I express myself with writing
I’m not a star, but I’m aspiring

And I aspire to touch everybody’s lives
I like to make it look easy like juggling knives
Yet we foul up and get cut
A little blood is no reason to get down in a rut

Like a shark, if I stop moving, I’ll die
I don’t wanna die, and you shouldn’t ask why
Sometimes I ask God, why
Why am I surrounded by people living lies

I repent because I’m living in sin
I refuse to let Satan win
I want to reside in the Kingdom of Heaven
I should live better because my mother is a reverend

My tactics are shady, but my motives are pure
Am I the bad guy, I can never be sure
Am I somebody’s hero
Are you talking to me, I’m Robert Deniro

I’m talking to my own reflection in the mirror
I’m a certified psycho, I can’t make myself clearer
You can call me crazy, never lazy

I’m untamed and can’t be contained

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