Friday, January 22, 2016

The Death of Me

The risks that I take make statements
Trials and tribulations test my patience
I don’t want to stress as I digress
I might be blessed to be in the mess  
Grandiose schemes aren’t just pipe dreams
Justified means ensure I will be redeemed
Delusional delinquency may be the death of me
Half of me is sane; I don’t know about the rest of me
This may be the recipe; work then rest
I don’t let the work work me nonetheless
Maniacally laid plans just might work
I will rest in peace when I’m in the dirt
I don’t want to go to sleep; I don’t want to rest
I’m not stressed when I’m at my best
The company I keep keeps me encouraged
I always eat, so I’m never malnourished
I’m in another realm of feeling overwhelmed
I’ve been beyond the brink of how low a man can sink
I’ve been higher than the stars in the sky
Sometimes I want to die, and I don’t know why
Highs and lows, that’s just how it goes
I just take notes and get lost in my prose
Pros and cons are weighed on the regular
This world is full of prey for predators
I am a predator, I pray for my competitors
I mince metaphors, I don’t mince words
I’m my own editor, I rework words and move forward

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