Saturday, January 30, 2016

Team Clean Extremes poem

When outlooks are bleak and I'm feeling weak
Understanding is the only thing I seek
Even though I was expelled from college
I always thrive off knowledge

Catastrophes happen and i stay composed
This trait is a gift and curse I suppose
I'm glad I'm a king with a my queen, a pillar of strength
Don't think I'm cocky, that's not what I meant

She keeps me standing when everything around me crumbles
I always remember to make sure I stay humble
That pays homage to the way I was raised to be
I owe all i am to Roberta Lee Peay

I experience life in extremes
Famine, feast, kind, mean
Dirty, clean, red, green, manic, serene
This is one hell of a ride with Team Clean
I try my best not to be hindered by pride and things

I find it difficult asking for help'
I feel like I can handle anything by myself
I am a martyr, I am a menace
I am a sinner that prays for forgiveness

I will not lose
Prepare for war if my ego gets bruised
Are you confused
I am too

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