Tuesday, January 9, 2018

"A Letter To Younger Me" NEW POETRY 2018

This is addressed to the 18 year old Patrick Peay
I know you will understand because you are me
But you were unaware and blind to things you couldn't see
One day you will be truly set free

Try to behave yourself; don't get expelled from school
Pay more attention in class, and don't worry about being cool
Don't be such a rebel and bend so many rules
Never stop writing because God blessed you with that tool

Some of those women never loved you; they used you
They pretended to care, and then they abused you
I understand how affairs of the heart confused you
Just keep it real, and to yourself be truthful

Don't worry too much; those are petty frets
Believing in God's plan is your best bet
We certainly had our fun, and I have no regrets
But Pat, you killed my credit, so please pay your debts

Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Owl and The Quail

Gather around and take in this tale of the Majestic Owl and the Dark Quail
One day the quail was foraging for herbs on a trail when an owl soared by, wings as broad as a ship's sail
The owl swooped down and seized the quail in her claws
The quail thought he was going to die and that the owl would eat him raw
Instead the owl took the quail high and far to her nest
She set the quail down gently and urged him to rest
The quail was very baffled; this seems so absurd
But he napped nonetheless while the owl flew off to gather many herbs
When the owl returned, she and her guest enjoyed a mighty feast
And the quail wondered why he was shown so much hospitality by the majestic beast
Then the quail said, "You are a predator. I am prey. Why are you showing me mercy today?"
The owl answered, "I want you to watch after the eggs that I lay. You are noble and will make a fine father, so I want you to stay."

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


"The Maniac of Columbia"
Birthed from the womb of a woman consumed by madness
Seemed destined for a life of strife and sadness
Wandered a path with trials and tribulations
Abused controlled substances for thrills and stimulation
Laid with many women  in search of true love
Then true love and a cure for madness came from up above

Saturday, March 18, 2017

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of "Must Be Nice 2" 5 Star Review courtesy of Realistic Poetry

“Patrick is bold and conscious; his drive will take him and his poetry far.”

Ingenious Conscience in Poetry

Being true to who you are

It is said that one single thought has the authority to inspire, influence, and even control a person's beliefs, attitudes, and actions. Well, this collection of intense, thought-provoking poetry explores the perplexing boundaries of the mind, surpassing normality through poignant versification. 
To begin, considering this book's theme, which pinpoints some challenges of living with a mental disorder, we’re in utter awe at how fierce and intrepid the author’s words come across! This is one man, also diagnosed as a bipolar manic, that refuses to give in to the feeling of inferior self-doubt, pity, and defeat. In fact, this entire collection magnifies the author's bleeding spirit, which is bold in exhibiting his moving testimony of truth.
“Must Be Nice 2” by Patrick Peay grasps your attention simply by reading the author's well written and revealing introduction in the preliminary of the book. He provides incredible insight into his own life and also provides some pretty relevant background information concerning his poetry that shares details as to what inspired the selections featured in this compilation. This prelude then leads us directly into the first poem “Repentant Shark in the Deep Blue Sea”. 
In this poem, the “repentant" shark is merely a creative depiction of the narrator himself, utilizing the awesome technique of personification. And by doing this, he reveals an obvious divergence in his personality and character, for we can all probably agree that there is more than likely not one ounce of forgiveness in a blood-thirsty shark!
So what does this creative twist mean or represent? And we can’t help but to also wonder, what is he sorry for? In realizing the answers to these two questions, we come to learn of the author's inspiring faith in God, for he says “I repent because
I'm living in sin. I refuse to let Satan win. I want to reside in the kingdom of Heaven”, implying that he is well aware of good vs evil, and apparently he’s already made his choice! 
A good portion of the poems in this collection seem to reproduce a great sense of power, making it inevitable to become familiar with his trailblazing personality. Moreover, the poems that Patrick includes in this book are, indeed, samples of his racing mind, quite parallel to commonly depicted behaviors and actions seen in many people under pressure or facing an obstacle.
Patrick’s pen is compassionate for other individuals living with a mental disorder similar to his own, but his poetry has the potential to reach the masses, especially with mental health becoming an increasingly significant topic in our society. 
Poems like “All Alone” typify romantic abandonment in transparent lucidity. And there are a stream of poems that express all of the author's heaviest emotions, admitting to sporadic or spontaneous episodes, like in the poem “Deadlines Loom”. It is one of the poems we read from Peay that carries a darker melancholic ambience with deep tones of hopelessness and discontent. Regardless, his words are penetrating enough to give you chills.   
Surprisingly, even without the proper diagnosis of being considered 'bipolar’, as a neutral reader, one can be conveniently reminded of how similar “disorderly feelings” are to someone who is undiagnosed with any type of disorder. For instance, anxiety, frustration, overwhelming sadness, nervousness, a frantic and scatterbrained mentality…these are all feelings and emotions most people can relate to. How we handle the emotions we experience is what matters and sets us apart from others. And hands down, we absolutely admire Author Patrick Peay for being a worldwide public example in pouring all of the blood, sweat, and pain; smiles, love, and compassion; ambition, drive, and goals, into the eternal vessel of poetry!
As concentrated and dramatic as this collection reads, we believe readers will find much enthusiasm and excitement behind the author's witty cynicism and sarcastic remarks! Perhaps, even some humor, if you have an open mind! Furthermore, ironically, Peay’s outgoing personality seems to be a forceful element pushing him through each day, while his confidence is genuine and teaches the meaning behind authenticity and reveals the power in resilience
when pursuing one's dreams, goals, and aspirations. What we have learned from this author is, never give up.  
His outstanding ability to reveal himself through both, the darkness and light is sincerely notable, especially seeing that not one of us is immune to the complex and imperfect happenings affecting lives from all over the world. Far from average and instilled with a beastly lion heart, the poem “Great” complements the overall theme of this book's perspective accurately, with many powerful poems such as “Taking Risks to Achieve Goals” supporting our conclusion.
Patrick’s victorious outlook is infectious in this compilation of poetry and will leave you feeling less like a victim, and more empowered. In addition to this, his book emboldens us to consider how sensitive and unfathomable the human brain can be! Like an advanced computer application or program, his intellectual poetry is a result of unblemished ingenuity and a zestful passion for living and life. We will end this analysis with direct words from the author;
“My life is a nightmare that can be horrific
I keep a positive outlook, so I feel terrific
My life is a dream that can be unbelievable
I'll keep working hard because my goals are achievable.”

The Realistic Poetry Review Team is happy to rate this book 5 stars! Patrick is bold and conscious; his drive will take him and his poetry far.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Must Be Nice 3 (December 12, 2016)

Shit Just Got Real:

     It's days like this when I look back on all that advice my dad would try to give me when I was at my most "rebellious" as my mom would say.  See, pops used to chew my ass out so much for flying by the seat of my pants through life.  I know now he wonder where I got the undying optimism and confidence all the bull shit I've had to endure since the turn of the century.  Still though, he's always the one to remind me that the shit will always inevitably hit the fan, and when it does those that have your back and those who think you ain't shit will reveal themselves.  I'm paraphrasing obviously.  If I could compile all that advise and those tough love lectures, and put them in a book, I'd have a New York Times Best Seller wouldn't I?  Must Be Nice 4: Shooting the Bobo.
     My dad is a product of those old school type of parents that don't exist in this world anymore, and his mom is the one that raised me.  Looking back now on all the shit my grandmother put up with from me, it's quite astonishing.  I mean, I marvel now at how I never saw her shook, never saw her afraid, or worried, even in the face of certain calamities, even in the face of death she never blinked once.  And now my dad has those qualities, yet I get looked at sideways when I try to display those very same qualities.
     I'm sure you'll see this Dad, so, "You were right and are always right....for the most part, anyways," if that even means anything to you now.  And I can't express how good it feels to know if or when you are ever proud of what I am, what I have become, what I've made for myself, but as you say, even that ain't shit.  Hell, I never had someone tell me so often that I ain't shit, but that's what a man need from his father sometimes.  I'll never resent you for that.
   It's days like this I wish God would send Roberta Peay back down here to sit with me for like 15 minutes, so I can look in her eyes, see here smile, and here some much needed words of encouragement.  No worries.  Now's not the time to bitch up.  I don't plan on folding because,  quite simply don't know how to do that, how to be so negative about everything all the time.  That just ain't me.  I wasn't bred or raised to be that way.  That's me....